0.1. Welcome to the blog of our institute.

0.2. As reading the material below remember that:
“The opinions expressed in the Institute for Economic Freedom (Institute) project are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of any financial supporters of the Institute or the website and project”.

0.3. The objective of the Institute is to promote economic freedom, economic democracy. That is, marketing (of goods, services, labor) characterized by:

0.3.1. private property;
0.3.2. competition; and
0.3.3. based on merit (quality; price; delivery).

0.4 Thus we oppose:

0.4.1. the ever growing state and taxes;
0.4.2. trusts, oligopolies and the several barriers to competition; and
0.4.3. corruption.

0.5. We are also in favor of:

0.5.1. personal responsibility (since that is the price of freedom); and
0.5.2. A culture of excellency (to lift markets upward).

0.6. In short: we aim at complementing the political freedom (obtained with the April 1974 revolution), with greater economic freedom (a field where - as shown below - there is a long way for Portugal to go).

0.7. And thus solving the present paradox that:

0.7.1 The Portuguese (2% of the working population every year), emigrate to countries with greater economic freedom than Portugal (including the Scandinavian countries) - with the exceptions of Angola, whose exports are 98,2% raw materials, Mozambique, Brazil, Italy, South Africa and France.

0.8. So, let us now turn to the content of our blog, which, for the pleasure of your reading is divided into five parts:

First: the need for greater economic freedom;

Second: Some data on the Portuguese economy;

Third: The uncomplete revolution;

Fourth: The Institute newsletter;

Fifth: Articles on economic freedom related issues; and

Sixth: Some information of the activities of the Institute.

0.9. We hope that you enjoy our blog:

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