1.1. First: there is a strong correlation between economic freedom and development, be it evaluated in small samples and countries (diagram 1.1.1 below) or large samples and all types of countries (diagram 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 below):

1.2. Second: Portugal has been decreasing in the ranking of economic freedom:

1.2.1 Portugal lost thirty one places from 2004 to 2017;

1.2.2 and Portugal lost 39 places since 1995.

1.3. And (third) as a consequence:

1.3.1. Portugal is at the European bottom in terms of economic freedom:

        1.3.2. Has also been losing ranking in competitiveness:

            Since 2004 lost seven places;

         And since 1997 Portugal lost also seven places.

     1.3.3. Finally on transparency Portugal has also been losing ranking:

1.3.4. Indeed there is a strong correlation among all three variables: economic freedom; competitiveness; and transparency.

1.3.5. As well as, between economic freedom, and Gross Domestic Product per capita (in top of competitiveness).

1.3.6. Thus, it should come as no surprise the sluggish economic situation of Portugal (on this see next section, please).

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