In this section we introduce you to the seven themes (whose data we continuously update):

5.1. The non competitiveness of the European Union;
5.2. Lessons from the USA for the European economic convergence;
5.3. Comparing different pharmaceutical models within Europe; 5.4. The second revolution in need in Portugal: the revolution work. Not more, but better, work: thus Delivering the Letter to Garcia (fourth article below);
5.5. Socialism (in american politics), the meaning of economic freedom and the empirical evidence of its power from Europe;
5.6. Interview about the Portuguese Institute of Economic Freedom, published in the newspaper Vida Económica in September 2008; 

5.7 Portugal has lack of economic freedom, interview published in the newspaper Vida Económica, May 2011; and
5.8 Lack of economic freedom is the main problem of Greece, published in the newspaper Vida Económica em Fevereiro, 2015